istock_000012026246xsmall-300x192A personal injury action filed by Dominique Sharpton, daughter of the activist the Rev. Al Sharpton, may be in jeopardy because of a prior personal injury claim filed by Ms. Sharpton.

According to court records, Dominique Sharpton accepted a settlement in 2012 in a lawsuit filed for injuries she alleged occurred when she was struck as a pedestrian while crossing West 145th Street in 2008. Sharpton received the settlement from Roslyn Leasing, Inc. Attorneys for Roslyn say that Sharpton was at least partially at fault, but opted to settle the lawsuit.

Now Sharpton has brought a personal injury claim against the city of New York, asking for $5 million after she allegedly slipped and fell after tripping on cracked pavement on Broome Street in 2014. City attorneys, though, have brought up the prior claim, looking to determine if the injuries Sharpton contends were caused by the 2014 accident were actually due to pre-existing conditions sustained in the 2008 mishap.

In a recent deposition in the lawsuit, Sharpton testified that she only missed a couple of days of work as a result of the 2008 injury. However, court records show that she sought compensation for $13,000 in medical bills, as well as $8,000 for four weeks of lost wages for the 2008 accident. Attorneys for New York City also say that she has made contradictory statements about the severity of the injuries allegedly suffered in the 2014 slip and fall. Though Sharpton has claimed that she has experienced “permanent pain,” as well as torn ligaments and tendons in her right leg, she also divulged in her deposition that, since the accident, she has climbed a mountain in Bali and gone dancing on a number of occasions.

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